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Authentic TMJ Disorder Treatment In India Offered At Leading Clinics

Dentistry sciences have developed significantly in the last few decades and more of the sophisticated interventions are now offered towards the seekers. The specializations include the cosmetic dentistry and the corrective dentistry in addition to the general dentistry practices. General dentistry covers the teeth problems like tooth decay, tooth removal demands, artificial dentures and bridges. Cosmetic specializations include the braces to correct the teeth alignments while the more sophisticated corrective interventions like the TMJ treatments are performed under the segment of maxillofacial surgeries. TMJ disorder treatment in India is available at the select specialty clinics that provide specialized interventions through surgeries, medicines and other processes.

What are the TMJ disorders?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint which is a hinge type joint; one on each side of the face in front of the ear. This joint is made by the socketing of the two ends of the mandible into the skull and thus it moves up and down as also sideways. This joint therefore facilitates the teeth movement for grinding and chewing and other important functions like yawning and speaking. All these functions are affected as per the severity of the disorder that may develop in this joint due to some reason.

The TMJ disorders are manifested through the symptoms like the pain, aching and swelling. In some cases, there could be clicking sound during the movement of the lower mandible. Some congenital deformity may also exist in the TMJ when it remains under developed to cause a permanent deformity in the facial characteristics of the child since birth. The lower jaw in such case may manifest a pulled back type orientation. These disorders were never attempted earlier but now resurrections are possible through dedicated interventions. High quality and trusted TMJ disorder treatment in India is available at the leading clinics in Delhi, Chennai and other cities.

What are the causes?

Various causes have been established for the TMJD. These could be counted under the following heads –

Continuous psychological stress – Psychological stress can be the cause of continued stiffness in the TMJ and facial muscles; causing them to get fatigued and thus develop persistent pain and aching.

Physical stress at the TMJ – Grinding of teeth as a habit, out of fear or anger can cause the mandibuar joint to accumulate the physical stress.

Arthritis – This condition affects the bone joints of the whole body including the TMJ. 

Injury and trauma – Injury and trauma developed through crash or severe blow to the TMJ can cause the dislocation of the joint or damage the disc in it. The connective tissue like ligaments and muscles can also suffer damage. This not only causes immediate shooting pain but swelling also.

TMJ disorder treatment in India is done after diagnosing the correct reason behind the problem.

How are the TMJ disorders treated?

As per the causes, the treatment differs. For the stress induced TMJD, behavioral therapy is offered; for the arthritis driven problem in TMJ, internal medicine is offered. The trauma cases require surgeries by the oral – maxillofacial surgeons from the specialization of orthodontics. TMJ disorder treatment in India is offered through a system of authentic referrals to specialists in different cases.

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