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Why we don’t give orthotics/Night guards/Mouthguards/plate any more?

  • Orthotics allow teeth to shift their position eventually causing gaps between teeth and sometimes fracture.
  • It causes disturbance in meeting of teeth shifting the Centric Relation.
  • Orthotics, give relief in only 70 percent of patients.
  • Orthotics require major tooth grindings when the plane is much disturbed particularly supra erupted teeth.
  • Orthotics when it works gives patients a sense of well being for a few months making them postpone main treatment for a very long duration disturbing the bite almost permanently., thereby increasing the cost.
  • it is uncomfortable and one can easily lose or break it causing a financial burden.
  • Lot of patients require several sittings to keep it balanced.
  • It doesn’t provide a super hard surface like natural teeth going against principles of nature.
  • High cost.

Is it cost effective to get body pains cured through TMJ?

Yes, very. TMJ is cured through the repositioning or reangulation of existing way of teeth meeting or dental bite. This is done to the most conducive and optimal point of health for teeth and in the process due to dominoes effect body pains and other diseases improve or disappear completely. Hence, it is really cost effective as future health of teeth and current health of body improve dramatically. Some people feel and rightly so that their teeth don’t have any problems currently so why should they be touched.

A test of T -scan and Jva along with an OPG XRAY will give them a sense how in most cases the teeth are being destroyed along with the body. As this science is being practiced by a few because it’s too tough a science and you may not have heard about it literally that also causes a faith barrier.

Some patients want to check with other doctors but there are only a few who would be able to throw light on this topic.

A better way would be to make the TMJ specialist talk with your advising doctor. Since private practice brings in a profitability factor, some unconcerned doctors may be existing and may not want you to find more. Multiple consultancy on net from doctors abroad usually without any charges may solve the dilemma for you.

Orthotics can break, if it breaks then one has to to repay the cost,it is not expected to last more than 3 months.However some times much longer lasting have been reported.The purpose of an orthotic is to establish an ideal bite as an evidence only.

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