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Its My Life…….

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FAMDENT Dr. Sanjay Arora

Editor’s Note: A chance meeting with Sanjay almost 10 years ago resulted in a long lasting friendship bond – both being Arora’s helped I guess. A trait I found admirable in him is his passion – now for TMJ. Once you get talking to him you realise the depth and wealth of knowledge he posseses about this little understood joint and its significance. Sanjay has also been one of the Judges for Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Awards 2015.

Starting With Dentistry

Who am I?
A Dentist, a healer, an Endodontist, now full time a TMJ Specialist, with focus on Neuromuscular Dentistry, Occlusion, Epigenetics, Cranio-Sacral Dentistry, Osteopathy and Chiropractice. I magically treat Body Pains through TMJ and several other diseases. I do it because they wouldn’t cast me as a lead in Big Banner movies.

Why am I a Dentist?
Actually, I never wanted to be a Dentist. I wanted to do MBBS and wanted to be healer. Got dead bored doing routine Endo work and winning medals and scoring top positions in exams. I was a researcher at heart and wanted to heal. Today as a TMJ specialist, my dream is being fulfilled.

My first case: As a Dentist, a cousin of our dental colleague, who refuses to go back to him after he finished studies and established a big practice. My first TMJ case, a tycoon from medical background suffering from severe shoulder pains for 2 decades. Cured till today, was given therapy 14 years ago.

My most memorable case: A leading lawyer of India, with severe body pains for 5 decades. He would get cured for 3-6 months and return to the same state as before. This went on for 4 years, till I had a breakthrough in curing him permanently. And the first Diabetic case I cured with my new protocol – my own aunt. Cured now for 1.7 years from 50 units of insulin daily dose. She occasionally needs a pill. And then went on to do 20 more cases, with some reversals

Procedures I like the most: TMJ, TMJ, TMJ and TMJ Dentistry, I could go on.

My best case: A Commander of Air India, who could not bend his fingers and had severe painful contractures, even post bilateral hand surgery at R and R Army hospital for over 9 months. I could cure him in less than 3 days. He could now be painless and close his hands completely and with force. He is dazed, his doctors are dazed and me too.

Procedures I dislike the most: Drillings, fillings, basically destroying tooth structure and yes someone losing teeth by extractions or otherwise.

If I could change one aspect of Dentistry, which would it be?

Teach only TMJ and Dental Occlusion and of course trauma management, only.

My vision of Dentistry in India: It becomes a TMJ dentistry hub.

Getting Personal

I’m afraid of: Going away from my loved ones.

I’m superstitious about: Superstitions. My strength: I care.

My weakness: I care.

My biggest assets: My daughter and a friend I lost twice. My passion: TMJ and Business, Karate.

My spare time spent: Watching Ashoka, and spending it with my best girlfriend – my daughter.

My favorite possession: Some moments which made me re- live with a friend I lost to God.

What tires me the most: Making skeptics understand, make cynicals positive.

TMJ Specialist In India
TMJ Dentist In India

A few words about your spouse: Buddha, to the core, beautiful, bum chum, stands by me under all circumstances, all. I know I repeated all. All her fingers of the hand and her toes have perfect circle fingerprints, like Buddha had.

My Birth date: I am 15 – April.

Favourite Holiday destination: Hawaii.

Your opinion about Famdent: A journal out to make a mark on the World Map.

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