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Let me tell you a Story -2005

It’s a story about a young 23 year old boy, just married, comes into our dental operatory, extremely concerned if red lesions on his gums and white patches on his teeth, extremely sensitive to spices, had anything to do with teeth. He had been diagnosed with Lichen planus three years earlier. He had read about the technological expertise that we provide.

I after examined told him that he had bite disturbances, and that literature doesn’t even remotely think that dental bite/TMJD could have anything to do with Lichen planus. He agreed to let me change his bite which was explained to him, that its necessary anyways. After indemnifying us, he allowed us to go forward. In one week post the completion of his treatment, his signs and symptoms regressed. The joy on the patients face and his wife’s face was unmistakable.

Three weeks later, the signs and symptoms were completely gone. One month later, the left side had one cap displaced, and the signs and symptoms made a come back, in just a few hours as can be seen in the video. They were gone in 24 hours post the cementation of the crown back.

Almost 9 years later patient was examined and interviewed again. There was never a recurrence of the disease again. He most definitely categories us as a Premium and Best dental services Clinic.

This friends is Engineered Occluding, a subject propagated by me. This is not TMJ, but precursor to TMJD, the first step towards the disease. not what you have read in textbooks or what some with some degrees of years claim. Its a tough, very tough subject requiring almost 20 -150 hours hard work per patient, but very rewarding. High time government wakes up. Almost 200 medical diseases come under its preview. Concept of Engineered Occluding developed by Dr Sanjay Arora with contributions from Dr Rashida Singaporewala, Manminder Singh Sethi, Dr Sanjeev Khattar. Its high time, after giving cure to over 600 patients over 12 years that i call upon Dentistry Associations to devote more time to the real sciences and and give a stop to trend of inviting speakers who are sponsored by companies or favorites. We are churning almost one cured patient every day.

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