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So, what causes in these body pains, which are mostly left undiagnosed

Mostly they are TMJ disease coupled with the deficiency of vitamins and micro-nutrients, in some cases.

Jaw Joint Pain Treatment,  TMJ specialist dentistTMJ or Jaw joint, if disturbed can cause malpositioning of head. The head which weighs
around 5 .5 Kg’s when malpositions itself (Postural Changes that can’t be corrected by oneself), it behaves like a 15-20 Kg organ. Imagine you carrying a weight on head and the same weight in hand with arm stretched away from the body. In the later case the same weight acts heavier and is difficult to control its position.

This doesn’t point to a habit but disease Also imagine a village belle carrying a pot filled with water. She carries it sometimes for over 2 miles. Try shifting that pot (ghada), a mm here or there, and her whole body tires down. She won’t be able to carry it more than a few steps.

TMJ disease, TMJ Treatment In IndiaSo a malpositioned Head tires the body down.
So, what causes Head to get malpositioned?
While there are many theories but which one best explains the cause is open to research.

However, it’s a common finding that if a person bites down on an ice-cream stick, his muscles around the jaw relax and his head repositions to a relaxed position.One which we believe in is the one promoted by Dr. Sanjay Arora,, that states,“There are several nerves and bloodvessels in an inch of space under the jaw
”. The nerve that. Controls the position of head, (No. 11 or accessory nerve), lies fairly close to the joint. Irritation of this nerve repositions the head on the shoulder.

The jaw normally moves without any wobble on the teeth. Whenever there is a grinding of teeth more on one side than the other, then the jaw settles one side first, the same mimicking in the jaw joint.

Jaw Joint Pain Treatment, TMJ Treatment In India

This causes a wobble of sorts and disturbs the underlying structures. That is why literature reports innumerable diseases responding to the correction of the way the jaw lands. (Refer above Diagram).
Summing up:

The doctor uses some sophisticated instruments to measure the problems in your jaw joint. These sophisticated devices are called as T-Scan, EMG,Jva, JT, Mat scan and Isometrics

The above set is a complete set of instruments required to study a patient and is available only with us in the country. Once he determines what’s wrong, he creates a diagnosis and then formulates a treatment plan.

If you are primarily a dental patient, he may decide to take you to the stage2 of the treatment. If you are not primarily a dental patient, he may decide to take you through the phase 1, where he will construct a device to be worn in the night time essentially. In the night time the force and scale of movement of jaws is very high. This gives rest to the structures around and under the joint. Once you are relieved from Phase 1, Phase 2- which is a long term relief is initiated due to temporariness and long term harmful effects of

Phase 1.

It is expected, that the entire therapy should start giving relief in 15-30 days or as some report earlier. While the medical field is veryvast and one cannot master all that is possible, we do experience a very high number of patientsresponding to these therapies. Needless to say that you need a thorough medical checkup before you report to us and be clear that no major disease exists that is terminal in nature.

Let’s cure you.

TMJ disease, TMJ Treatment In India
Dr. Rajkumar Makhijani
Cranio Sacral Dentist, Nasik
TMJ Treatment In India, Jaw Joint Pain Treatment
Dr. Rashida Singaporewala
Head, Signature Smile Dental Clinic
TMJ Treatment In India
Dr. Parag Kochar
The house of Cranio Sacral Dentist, Tmj Specialist. Juhu, Mumbai Smiles, Chandigarh.

What are the world leaders saying…

American Heath Journal: Are you experiencing nagging headaches & your doctor may not be able to find anything then the answer may be with another health care provider a TMJ specialist dentist.

IBN-7: Now there may be a cure to complete body pains, while interviewing Dr. Sanjay Arora in half an hour program on Bodypains & TMJ.

TMJ specialist dentist in India
Jaw Joint Pain Treatment,  TMJ specialist dentist

Las Vegas Institute for advanced Dental studies: Chronic headaches & some health procedures are being dealt with smile corrections today.

National Headache foundation: Over 45 million Americans suffer from headache pain severe enough to see help from a physician & approximately 27 million suffer from Migraines & they most definitely need physician’s help.

Neuro Muscular Dentistry Panel at ACE Dallas 2009: Discussed the problem of patient thinking, he has come for a dental treatment & that he feels it bears no relation to the pain in another part of body.

Planet – Fashion TV – Dr. John C. Sarris DMD tells about the biggest trends in dentistry, which is highly specialized & is called as Neuromuscular Dentistry that aligns spine by adjusting the dental Bite.

KPRC interviews: Bite Correction Causing relief of other Disease Symptoms.AajTak- Correcting your bite corrects most body pains-Dr. Sanjay Arora.

Achieving greater heights

Alchemist Dental and Cosmetic Research Institute started its journeyasSwaran Dental Clinic and cosmetic services to our revered patients. Today it has two divisions Sanora-Body pain cure center through jaw joint and Zental-the gentle dental care, India’s most superspecialised dental center. Allthroughout these years, we have carved a
niche reputation through our proficient services and efforts, worthy of trust and loyalty. Thus, we have evolved as a competent center and continue to efficiently move from one milestone to another. Further, it gives us immense pleasure to share our latest achievement with you. Times Group Research Service Excellence recently conducted an annual research to access and award people for excelling in providing service in the field of Dental care and cosmetic dentistry. This research makes evaluations considering various factors, including quality of work, use of available technology, knowledge, experience of the doctors and most Importantly the feedback that the patient provide. And we were jointly nominated, successfully for- Best Dental Clinic and Best Implantologist.

TMJ specialist dentist in India

With a lot of pride, we are pleased to announce that we have been awarder both, Best Dental Clinic and Best Implantologist Award, for the year 2009.Our esteemed chairman, Dr. HariParkash, kindly accepted this honour on 31-1-10 on behalf of the organization. On a personal front, Dr. HariParkash has enormous experience of 44 years out of which he projects to his credit with huge support from the Ministry of health and family Welfare, Government of India, WHO, ICMR and DBT. He has also served 36 years at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and later superannuated as Chief, Centre of Dental Education and Research. Dr, HariParkash has travelled extensively as a guest lecturer and has addressed more than 100 national and international workshops/ conferences/ symposia and post graduate students’ conventions. He has also authored and co-authored more than 240 research papers in national and international journals. There are more than 27 research honouredwith Honorary Fellowship of Dental Surgery
from Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, UK and several other awards. Today, he is the director of two esteemed dental colleges, situated near Delhi and has been serving as a pillar to our organization by mentoring and giving uncompromised guidance to the aspiring doctors. On this occasion we would like to extend our thanks to our ardent readers, for their feedbacks. Further, to keep you updated, we have implemented additional features in this newsletter. Thus, we look forward to an opportunity to serve you better with the world’s best services, in future.

TMJ Treatment In India, Jaw Joint Pain Treatment

Cure your body pains through your TMJ

Migraine. Neck.Back .Shoulder.Knee -proven by leading universities

Jaw Joint Pain Treatment,  TMJ specialist dentistSanora Body Pain cure center is the only centre in India, Equipped to cure migraines, Knee pains, back pains, cervical and shoulder pains through one’s jaw joint. With the acquirement of the most sophisticated equipments, T-Scan and “Sanora assures to provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment to the patients Electromyography (EMG) with Isometric 4D BackAnalyser and Joint VibrationalAnalyser with jaw tracker, Alchemist assures to provide accurate diagnosis and effective to the patients. T-Scan is a reliable clinical diagnostic device, used for examining teeth along with jaw joint scans. Whereas EMG, equipped with isometric muscle detector is an advanced technology with takes scans of back muscles and body postures to evaluate and record the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. It has been found in top universities that major joint pains(back, knee, cervical, migraine, shoulder and heel pains) are attributable to the way the jaw joint surfaces start meeting after a certain age. As the joint surface gets disturbed, abnormal pressures trickle down to the jaw joints i.e.temporomandibular joints (TMJ). This irritates some key nerves which lead to disturbance in body posture. Thus, thisresults in joint problems. For the last two decades, a lot of research has gone into this area, leading to developments of very sophisticated machinery by American and German companies, like Bio-Research, Tekscan, Diers, etc. Now for the first time discover all these machines at Sanora Body Pain Cure Centre. So get rid of all your pains and transform your life by visiting us.


Mohd. Azharuddin: Cured for 1 year I got my back pain cured of 12 years in almost 2 weeks by 80%. Now I can play cricket after 12 years painlessly. I am amazed at the Sanora pain cure through the TMJ. Wish them all the best. I had been to different specialists with no or little relief.

Ajitabh Bachchan: It’s now almost 4 years that I have given up my Cervical Collar of 20 years and playing Golfa gain with no more vertigo and this is a great feeling. Now I drag my doctor along to the golf course.

Mr. ASHISH DHIR– Cured now for 6 years.
Senior Cameraman, CNN-IBN7
My Back pain cured I’m working as a senior cameraman at CNN-IBN7 and for few years 1 was undergoing a lot of backache problems. Since I had to carry a heavy camera on my shoulders for hours, throughout indoor and outdoor shoots, my pain kept increasing day after day. Thus, my job became a big nightmare for me. Then a miracle happened, my tooth hurt because of which I visited Sanora Body Pain Cure Center.
There I came across an informative brochure on curing body pain through teeth. Their explanation appeared rational to me and I consulted few orthopedicians for undergoing a treatment, within 2 months of my treatment I started recovering. It’s been a year now and today, I don’t feel any pain in my back while carrying the camera for long hours. SanoraI’m really grateful to your services and the team of expert doctors.

MRS. USHA BRADY-Cured for over 4 years
Mother of Famous RJ, Khurafati Nitin Migraine & knee pains cured Frequent migraine attacks had left me with no hope of getting cured. Things became more worrisome with my prolonged knee pains. I couldn’t sit in a car ormove out with my children during daytime as the sunlight would trigger migraine. That’s when my son, the famous radio jockey (of Delhi)Khurafati Nitin recommended me to visit his dentists at Alchemist Dental and Cosmetic Research Institute. Today, all my migraine problems are cured including my knee pain. It is so wonderful to come across a technology which can cure your pains through your teeth. Can’t thank you enough Alchemist dentists.

MR. RAJIV MAKKAR– Cured for over 4 years
Cervical pain cured.
Earlier I used to exercise regularly for half an hour in the morning. But because of my cervical problem I had to stop exercising. And to get rid of my problem, I visited at least six doctors and underwent numerous treatments but nothing seemed to work well. After visiting Sanora Body Pain Cure Center with in 15 days of my treatment, 60% of my cervical problem had been cured. Today, I am thankful to Dr. Sanjay Arora and his excellent team.
I wish them success in future.

Software Engineer,
I’m a software engineer, running my own business in Chicago, USA. For last few years, I had been suffering from neck, cervical and shoulder pains which eventually started affectingmy work cycle and made matters tough. Even after seeking help from highly trained doctors in USA, my pain persisted. Physiotherapy exercises helped to some extent but it involved time consuming sessions. After sometime I decided to undergo a treatment at Alchemist Dental and Cosmetic Research Institute where my shoulder pains were healed through my teeth. Within a month, I started feeling 50% better and for last two months I haven’t had any major pain attack which would otherwise leave me in deep distress, at least twice in a month.

MR. LALIT MAHAJAN– Cured for 9 years.
CMD,JMitra& Co. Pvt. Ltd.
27 years Shoulder pain vanished.
I have been suffering from severe shoulder blade pains for the past 27 years. So much so that I had become completely dependent on at least twice a week of body massage sessions. This in turn disturbed my regular work process which was becoming more strenuous. Five years ago, I visited Sanora Body Pain Cure Center. for my dental treatment. There I met Dr. Sanjay Arora who informed me about the advanced treatment process which could cure all my body pains through my teeth. To my surprise, within few months of my treatment at Sanora Body Pain Cure Center, 27 years of my never ending pain simply vanished. It’s been
almost five years now, today I feel fit and fine. Thank you, Alchemist and Dr. Sanjay Arora for providing best of expertise for curing my pain.

Bottle Feeding & Thumb Sucking, may be causing whole lot of diseases, Learn How!

TMJ Treatment In India, Jaw Joint Pain Treatment Mothers feed should be continued for 2 years, and thumb sucking means child wants attention.

Healthy Baby dream, isn’t it everybody’s dream? Researchers have found some clinching evidence that a particular dental bite called as an “open-bite”, is a very recent phenomenon probably in last 6-7 decades and accelerating. This pattern was largely not seen in earlier skulls and was neither mentioned in the voluminous literature.

This can be owed to only thumb sucking or finger sucking, and seems to come as a result of psychological need of child for attention. Some decades ago, children would get a lot of attention from siblings, cousins , uncles andaunts and the most from mother. Civilization has been taking time and intention away from mother. Nature mostly lets mother have the feeding capability till 2-3 years. This is being subverted in some cases to less than 3 months. This is a dangerous trend warns Dr. RajkumarMakhijani from Nasik. This leads to various dangerous trends like sleep apnea and night grinding. This fundamentally happened because thumb exerted a huge force and did not allow thedental arches to grow towards each other.

Another thing that happened, warns Dr. Sharda Arora from Delhi and Dr Ajay Arora from MayurVihar, is that that thumb sucking and bottle feeding forced the child to resort to “Sucking”, instead of “Suckling” milk from mothers breast. This made the cheeks and lip very powerful. The result, a senior researcher Dr Dave from Oregon writes in his book, is inability of dental arch to grow. This causes normal sized teeth to juggle for space in a smaller jaw. This leads to another modern disease called as Dental Crowding.

TMJ disease, TMJ Treatment In India
TMJ specialist dentist, Jaw Joint Pain Treatment

Hence environmental corrections lead to auto recreation of the potential, and one sees without braces the teeth walking into the natural places as the jaws grow even for an old person.

Correction of teeth alignment done without braces. Teeth just walked naturally into their designated places. This science is also called as “Epigenetics”. No braces wonder. Facial features also improve substantially by the treatment. The model here later got veneers for Whitening etc.

TMJ Treatment In India, Jaw Joint Pain Treatment


Smile designingDid you know if done with sophisticated technologies and techniques, Zental Smile designing can cure major body pains and depression? We do it every day.

-Say yes to prefed Hollywood smiles on Worlds most researched Robot, by Sirona. History:

Sirona is the world’s largest manufacturer of dental technology and is the clear innovation leader in dentistry. As such, Sirona is the preferred partner for dental practices, clinics, dental laboratories and authorized distributors worldwide. The company develops, manufactures and markets a complete line of dental products, including, CAD/CAM restoration systems (CEREC), digital intra-oral, panoramic and 3D imaging systems, dental treatment centers, hand pieces and hygiene systems.

Sirona is the driving force behind technical progress in dentistry. Beginning with the invention of the first electrically powered dental drill in 1887, the company has consistently spearheaded technological developments. Sirona’s product innovations set the standards for dental treatment and we are the global leader in the development of digital treatment modalities that drive improved workflow, a better patient experience and ultimately drive the success of dentists who incorporate Sirona technology within their practices. Sirona employs a workforce of more than 3,000 at 25 locations world-wide, and markets its products in over 135 countries on all continents. The USA is Sirona’s largest single market, followed by Germany, Western Europe and Asia. The company was spun-off from the Siemens Medical Technology Division in 1997 and, since 2006, has been listed on the US NASDAQ . The company makes Robotic CAD CAM, seen in the picture here, world famous Blue CAM CAD CAM , owned by ZentalDivision of Alchemist Dental & Cosmetic Research Institute. They were the first to procure it in India amongst just a handful of dentists in India today, may be 10. The technology is so advanced that it can do a smile designing for you in 6 hours instead of normal 6 days, so no sensitivities. And to top it all these are pre-fed Hollywood smiles in the software done by top Italian Ceramists- hence you are assured of a great product. Here in this picture you see a top model and newsreader and ex-Contestant Ponds Miss India, and change in her smile and teeth and skin all achieved by this special smile designing technique called Neuro Muscular Dentistry.

Leading the way through advanced technologies

A thought provoking article on why inspite of brushing we keep having dental problems –Dr. Sanjay Arora.

No matter how much you brush your teeth, whichever toothpaste you use or however careful you try to be, sometimes teeth related problems arise and persist. Day in and day out inefficacy of tooth-pastes can probably give you pleasant breath, clean teeth but it doesn’t stop your teeth from decaying.

In order to understand, why you need to take great care of your teeth, it is important that we learn a little about how teeth relatedproblems can become dangerous to one’s health. Natural wear and tear of teeth can cause disturbance in the teeth structure.This result in rubbing of the upper teeth structure against the lower one. There-fore, this releases heavy abnormal forces on the teeth surface and affects the enamel which is the hardest material of teeth. Subsequently food particles which stick along the teeth also lead to tooth decay thereby, causing bleeding and formation of pus.

Generally such problems arise when theteeth are unevenly structured.

Depending upon the extent of loss, either a teeth rebuilding or teeth reposition-ing treatment is provided to the patients. Unfortunately most dental clinics in India don’t have the latest technologies to provi-de dental procedures. We, at Alchemist Dental and Cosmetic Research Institute, for the first time in India, have setup the most advanced dental occlusion center. Equipp-ed with India’s first and only T-Scan by Tekscan, USA, Alchemist offers a completedigital teeth scan. It also accesses abnormal pressures which affect the teeth structure. Alchemist also has the first Neuromuscular Dentistry Centre in India, equipped with an Electromyograph, Jaw Tracker and Joint Vibration Analyser from Bio-Research, USA which helps in measuring abnormal.

Heal Ozone Me, just don’t drill my teeth to remove decay. Don’t want Injections Doc.

Surely, the good news is that the HealOzone unit, the only one in the country procured at Alchemist Dental & Cosmetic Research Center, and under operations at their Zental Dental division. This wonderful technology is credited by science journals to kill the decay causing bacteria inside the tooth. So almost all Pit and fissure decays, the most common decays are just “Ozoned”, and the decay dies quickly and “lo” in a months’ time the tooth starts to repair itself.

The repair the tooth undergoes baffles the scientists and dentists, and the amount of tooth structure it saves is great contend the dentists.Dr Parag Kochchar from Chandigarh adds, this is a dream device and he wishes that one is available in Chandigarh soon. Ozone is a lethal gas for bacteria and in this concentration harmless to humans. According to Dr Sharda Arora that saves a whole of Children’s and adult teeth.

Heal Ozone Machine

Heal Ozone Machine

Mostly repairs decayed and softened tooth and rehardens it.

  • Saves whirring sound of drill and no pain at all.
  • Only unit in the country.
smile designing
World’s most advanced smile designing Robot by Sirona

I do as you say MrDentist, still why do my teeth go bad.

TMJ Treatment In India, Jaw Joint Pain TreatmentBrushing may be secondary: The fact that most of you have seen dental decay coming again and again while you swear to your dentist that you have been brushing twice a day, gargling even doing mouthwash daily, and still your teeth go bad or decayed or you have bleeding gums is not uncommon. You perhaps end up blaming your genes. But you are not the only one, probably you are partof millions with “no voice”.

It is abnormal forces in your mouth that needs to be blamed: Forces!, Abnormal forces, well I never heard that. The way your teeth meet,called as your “bite” or Dental Occlusion (meaning fit), if not in a particular manner, may be or certainly be the cause of your poor oral health. This particular manneris more of a physics problem than a biological problem. A NeuroMuscular dentist, a rare breed, may be the right person to determine that pattern and a device like T-scan and JVA may help profoundly. A certainway of meeting would cause a situation like a fielder catching the ball with straight hands and another pattern with folded arms flowing in the direction of the ball. The later spares the fielder from all abnormal forces. This pattern if true for mouth would not crack or shake away teeth.

Cracked Teeth may be causing bacteria to hide and form colonies of friends and relatives and then they feed on exposed tooth structure. So Brushing helps but may be only secondary to the forces.

Shaking force may be causing bleeding: One of the most revered Dr. Dawson amongst dentist is sadly amongst the few who agree on this. It may not be your genes, or your bad luck,or your poor hygiene- but probably shaky forces that may be causing the gums to bleed, and later on develop pyorrhea. Bacteria are just opportunity seekers probably and like all organisms need place and food to sustain families.

Botox for Curing Body Pains and Facial Esthetics.

  • Lower Face Narrowing
  • Uplifting smile line
  • Removing Gummy smile
  • Correcting Posture
  • Removing Body Pains & Migraine
  • Help Depression
  • Removing wrinkle

Botox, is a beautiful compound which not only has a job of releasing wrinkles but many more uses apart from those listed above. Sadly people think it has only one use. Given to the jaw joint controlling muscles it can help Migraine dramatically, in most cases. It also surprisingly eases symptoms of Depression in almost 90% of the cases.Side Effects and Contraindications:

  • It may be ineffective in some cases.
  • It shouldn’t be used in certain NeuroMuscular Disorders.
  • It is a no no for people with breathing problems.
  • It can activate a sinus attack.
  • If overdone it can cause asymmetry.
  • For a few days one may have blue trauma marks.

TMJ disease, TMJ Treatment In IndiaUsed judiciously it remains an excellent agent to ease above mentioned diseases, although for 3-6 months, but relief is fast. Repeat usage can cure certain problems for a very long time without the need of Botox in between.

Technologies for a safer living!!!

Detects oral cancer at a very early stage The high mortality rate from oral cancer is due to several factors, but undoubtedly, the most significant is delayed diagnosis. Research also states that betel nut and tobacco chewers have a higher risk of developing oral cancer.

Jaw Joint Pain Treatment,  TMJ specialist dentist Most patients have no detectable symptoms during the early stages of oral cancer. Therefore, one should periodically undertake an oral examination which involves proper diagnosis and not just a cursory examination. A late detection of oral cancer can result in cutting away of jaws which eventually has harmful impact on one’s health. For the first time in northern India, Alchemist Dental and Cosmetic Research Institute(Zental Division) is providing effective treatment through its life saving technologies –Velscope and Brush Biopsy. Their accurate detection can sense even at pre-cancerous stage which eyes can’t detect. Velscope is a hand held technology which emits a safe blue light into the oral cavity. It detects the presence of abnormal cell present inside the month which appear as dark spots (see picture). This provides more effective oral cavity screening with immediate benefits for the patients. If a month cancer is detected then there is another fear of undergoing a biopsy which normally involves injections, cuts and sutures. But with brush Biopsy, a technology from US, Alchemist Dental and Cosmetic Research Institute has a more reliable non surgical technology for diagnosing oral mucosal injury. It involves a specially formulated circular bristled brush, designed to access and obtain sample of the inner surface of the month through gentle brushing. The treatment involves no anesthesia of surgery. So the patient experiences a stress free analysis along with effective cure.


TMJ Treatment In India, Jaw Joint Pain Treatment

Normal Light


TMJ specialist dentist

Velscope Light

TMJ disease, TMJ Treatment In India

MIRACLE RED LIGHT of Diagnodent: Diagnoses Decay a long time earlier than the Dentist can!

Diagnodent Red LightAgain Zental Dental is credited with being the first and only one to procure four of these devices. These adorn their only super specialized dental center status in the country. The device according to net is used by 60% of dentists in Germany. It throws a red intense light that can look deep inside the tooth and tell with a very high accuracy, different people estimate accuracy between 90% to 100%, the exact location of the decay. DrParagKochchar from Chandigarh adds that its totally painless and the results are out in 1-2 seconds and increases a child’s and adults participation in treatment substantially. DrRashidaSingaporewala from Mumbai adds, that this device has almost a 400% higher accuracy than alltraditional methods of detecting dental decay and most of the caries detection in cavities today is arbitrary and operator dependent.

  • Chances of detecting decay in your child’s tooth 400% higher.
  • Traditional ways mostly arbitrary-compelling research.

The benefits become huge and chances of re decay coming up get minimized contend the scientists. In fact Dr Sanjay Arora recommends that all clinics world over must have this mandatorily.

Heal Ozone Device by Kavo.

Tmj( Jaw Joint) Disease: A Prevalent & Annoying Disease. May hold key to Human Health.

TMJ or jaw joint is a innocuous looking joint of the lower jaw sitting in front the ears, hardly noticed but a joint of great importance. DrSharda Arora says that this joint, is the only joint in the body that works 24 hours a day as the act of swallowing saliva happens several times over day and night continuously. Add to it habits like night grinding, it adds to lot of work on this joint which also participates in eating and speaking apart from yawning and sneezing. To top up the problems this joint is an engineering marvel as both joints, right and left are interconnected by the lower jaw.

Jaw Joint Pain Treatment in India

Further it sits close to the most important nerves and blood vessels to and from the brain.

Problems in this joint can be local pains like:

  • Cheek bones hurt
  • Headaches
  • Area around ear hurts sometimes more in the mornings
  • Tenderness on touch in these areas
  • Pin may extend to the neck region
Jaw Joint Pain Treatment,  TMJ specialist dentist
TMJ specialist dentist in india

Implants- Screwless Implants and Pin Hole entry for
Implants- No Cuts or Sutures. Thanks to 3D X-rays.

Thanks to 3D X-ray its now possible and with Alchemist Dental & Cosmetic Research Institute for last five years now that almost non-surgical implant placement into jaw bone can be done for most cases. This completely takes away possibility of pain, heavy bleeding or discontinuation of blood thinning drugs, thereby reducing the time of placement of implant many times over. The technology, the cutting edge research in the world, by Kodak, further minimizes patient exposure to radiation by over 300 times at many times. The risk of accidental entry into nerve or sinus is also substantially removed.

The 3D X-ray technology now for the first time next to a dental chair makes it so easy for a doctor and a patient, coupled with minimum radiation exposure that one can shoot a 3D radiograph or a CT scan of small area of 5cm even during the procedure. This allows a doctor to further increase finesse of placement as he is continuously guided by
digital films.

In a nut shell, you almost come out unscathed, with a implant size which is the most effective for you Topping it up with placing screwlessimplants, which is again greatly made possible by intra treatment 3D X-ray possible that allows an implant specialist to further correct the implant angle that one can place a screw less implant. This takes away doctor’s headache of correcting his incorrect angle later, or his need to recut the tissues(second stage surgery) totally, plus
patient need never go back to the dentist for a loosened or broken screw, the later cancause one to get the implant removed in most cases. This literally can set you free.

TMJ Treatment In India, Jaw Joint Pain Treatment

An Implant with a screw system

TMJ specialist dentist

A Screw less Implant System by Nobel Biocare

Latest in Implantology: An implant with a term called “ Platform Switch”, incorporated in its design goes a long way in lengthening its life span by promoting additional bone growth.

A 3D X-ray with Screw less Implants

-Almost non-surgical implant placements

TMJ Treatment In India

A few full mouth implants case done at ADCRI (Zental Dental).

Jaw Joint Pain Treatment,  TMJ specialist dentist

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