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TMJ Dentist In India Offering Specialized Assistance To The Patients

Teeth are significant part in that these aid in chewing our food – an activity most intrinsic to the life and living. With the teeth getting affected in any way or the person losing some, the life’s quality and functions are definitely plunged for the bad. Bad oral hygiene & poor care characteristics are responsible; of course for some, teeth problems are unavoidable because of the heredity reasons which are carried from generation to generation. The dental sciences were developed way before to assist the seekers in getting the desired relief. However, the services offered by the dentists were limited; although the development of dentures and artificial tooth were revolutionary! Problems like TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder) were less attended and only lately have received finer med attentions through the dentistry specialization of orthodontist. TMJ dentist in India are now offering med relief to the seekers who are affected with the problems of the TMJ.

The temporomandibular joint –

TMJ is the hinge joint that supports the movement of the mandible relative to the skull such that the teeth movement is made possible as also the talking and yawning are facilitated. These are all very important functions and TMJ plays the pivot for these. TMJ disorders can develop in any individual and the cause could be many. Here is the list of causes for the TMJD.

Arthritis of the joints

Arthritis is an internal condition that itself has many probable reasons. However, this problem is all inclusive and thus affects all the joints of the body including the temporomandibular joint of TMJ. TMJ dentist in India are experts in correlating the underlying causes and offer proper treatments.


Stress is common in the life of every individual; although some experience more of it in their personal life. The psychological stress involves the involuntary action of the muscles getting stiff & remaining in a state of continuous alertness. In the initial stages, this causes fatigue and in the later stages, the muscle fatigue increases to the level of generating aching symptoms. The TMJ is more affected because it is in the head and here the maximum effects are felt! The joint become stiff and aching all the time.

Habits like teeth grinding

Unusual habits could be developed by some individuals like grinding of the teeth. This causes the physical stress to accumulate in the TMJ and hence leading to the pain symptoms. Behavioral changes are required so that the person can withdraw from this habit and thus relieve the stress in the TMJ. TMJ dentist in India guide the seekers for the authentic referrals like the behavioral counseling and such others as could be required in each case.


Injury is the immediate cause of dislocation or disturbance including the disc damage in the TMJ. These cases are complex and require sophisticated surgeries followed by the physiotherapy counseling. TMJ dentists in India are performing superior surgeries with high success rate to relieve the patients. They also lead in the surgeries that are assisted by the orthopedic surgeons and anesthetists.

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