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TMJ Specialist In India Ensures Effective Treatment Through Proper Referrals

Dental clinics are offering more specialized treatments that are derived from the authentic approaches and techniques. TMJ treatment could be cited as an example that can be had under the dental specialization of orthodontics. The TMJ or the temporomandibular joint is a hinge located near the ear on both sides of the face. This hinge connects the lower jaw with the skull and facilitates its movement for the purpose of teeth action, speaking and yawning. In some persons, this joint develops problems and cause pain, aching and other symptoms. The related functions of this joint as stated above also get affected. Leading TMJ specialist in India offers relief through appropriate treatments.

TMJ treatment in India gains demand

The TMJ treatment in India has become much demanded because of the availability of the specialists who carry worthy experiences and knowledge at their credit. These specialists have graduated from the leading medical universities of India and the world. While quality is guaranteed, the cost is significantly less as compared to other nations like US & UK. For the same reason, many persons are visiting India to seek TMJ treatment at the specialty clinics. All the leading dentistry specializations involved in the treatment of TMJ disorders are offered in India. This makes the treatment complete and authentic because active referrals are possible from the desk of TMJ specialist in India.

The treatment of TMJ could require specialists from different streams of medicine and surgery apart from the diagnostics. This is because of the different reasons behind the TMJ disorders. However, the primary care and referral is always initiated from the clinic of orthodontist. The referral could be made to the following specialists–

The orthopedic physician

If the underlying reason for the TMJ disorder is the joints arthritis, then the person needs to be referred to the orthodontist expert for the complete examination and diagnosis of the reasons for his/her arthritis. After ascertaining the arthritis cause, proper treatment is initiated for the reduction and control of it. This ultimately pacifies the temporomandibular joint also.

The maxillofacial surgeon

In case there is a manifested dislocation of the TMJ or damage to its disc; or there is fracture to the joint during some crash or accident then the surgical intervention is warranted. This surgery could involve sophistication depending upon the extent of damage and could require the joint presence of the orthodontist, maxillofacial surgeon and anesthetist. After correctional surgery is done, proper after care and precautions need to be taken.

Special surgeries are also conducted by these surgeons in the cases of congenital defects in the TMJ. These cause the disorders in the form of deformities in the face. Only partial resurrections are possible but these can make significant betterment. Many TMJ specialists in India are trained as the orthodontists and some further specialize as the maxillofacial and cranio facial surgeons.


The dental specialist generally refers the case to the physiotherapist together with proper and objective instructions to be followed for therapy. This is done in the cases of stress induced aching of the TMJ. During the psychological stress, TMJ muscles get tensed and develop aching and pain over time. Many leading TMJ specialist in India maintain their own physiotherapy centers.

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