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TMJ Specialist In India Offering Best Treatment Through Surgeries And Medicine

TMJ is the joint in the face that connects the lower jaw with the skull and facilitates the hinge movement. In case this joint suffers problems, the intervention of dentist is sought. Specialized dentists, better known as orthodontists attempt the problems of the TMJ to secure relief for the patient. While the TMJ or the temporomandibular joint seldom develops any problem for life, in some individuals, aberration could generate and the reasons could be internal or external. TMJ specialist in India makes the correct diagnosis of the cause and then offers the authentic prescription. The specialists also make the referrals as and when demanded in particular cases so as to generate relief at the earliest.

The TMJ problems

TMJ problems include pain and aching. This pain could be occasional, persistent or the shooting type; depending upon the nature and severity of the TMJ disorder carried by the patient.

  • In some cases, swelling could be also present like if there is accident induced trauma to the TMJ and allied fracture(s) and/or damages to the connective tissues.
  • Deformity could be also present by birth and these are the cases of congenital defects in TMJ.
  • Also, some people exhibit the clicking sound when they move their jaw.
  • Arthritis in TMJ is another reason!

All these cases require different treatment approaches that range from surgeries & internal medicine to behavioral therapies and physiotherapies. TMJ specialist in India makes out the reason and after offering the primary care to the patient makes referrals also, if desired.

The TMJ treatment process

The treatment process could be based on internal medicines like in case of arthritis induced pain of the TMJ. The TMJ specialist refers such cases for complete analysis by the orthopedic physician who ascertains the cause of the arthritis.

Behavioral therapies are required in cases where there are symptoms of psychological stress and allied implications like body and facial fatigue among others. Gradual stress reduction pacifies the TMJ stress also and thus pain gets reduced. These therapies may be also required, if the person carries the unsought habit of teeth grinding.

In case of accident/trauma, the orthodontist himself attempts to make the resurrections through the surgery. The maxillofacial surgeons are the next higher standard in this lineage and they could offer correctional surgeries like in case of fractures or congenital defects.

These surgeries generally require general anesthesia, an extended after care and recovery time. The results could be partial or full (in cases of corrective surgeries, partial yet satisfactory results are achieved). TMJ specialists in India are experienced in ensuring the maximum corrections through their surgeries.

The cost of TMJ treatment in India

The cost of TMJ treatment in India is less while the med services are wholly trusted. The TMJ specialist in India has gained education from the leading dental universities of India and the world. This has led to fine demand development here in India, especially when professionals of other med specializations are also available for referrals.

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