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TMJ Treatment In India Available Through Trusted Specializations

Dental sciences have got advanced over the last few decades. Problems other than teeth are being solved for the patients through the use of authentic knowledge and means including the surgeries. This has led to the development of finer specializations in the dental academics and practice around the world. Orthodontics and maxillofacial interventions are the notable specializations of dentistry and these have become much demanded because of the dedicated treatment towards the conditions that were earlier unattended. Teeth alignment could be corrected to improve the facial characteristics and thus even improve one’s personality. These implications are far reaching and spread out the dentistry services to beyond the tooth ache, bridges and crowns alone. TMJ treatment is also available in orthodontics to relieve the pains and develop corrections. TMJ treatment in India is now available at the expert clinics that rely on highly sophisticated technologies.

The specializations of maxillofacial and orthodontic surgeries

Temporomandibular joint is a significant hinge at the front part of the ears on both sides of face and help in the movement of the mandible. This movement not only facilitates grinding and chewing action of the teeth in the mouth cavity but also allows us to yawn and speak freely. In some congenital defects cases, this joint could remain under developed and causes fundamental deformities in the facial characteristics. These deformities are although not harmful but do distort the overall personality of the person. These cases are now attempted through the sophisticated facial surgeries under the specialization of oral & maxillofacial corrections. Specialty TMJ treatment in India is available at the clinics of leading maxillofacial surgeons and orthodontics.

It should be stated that TMJ disorders are of diversity and apart from the congenital defects; there could be diversity of more conditions that may develop up slowly or immediately. Hence different approaches of medicine and surgeries have been adopted to offer the requisite relief in each of the cases.

The TMJ disorders that develop gradually –

Arthritis of the joints

Arthritis is a generic condition that is caused by different causes like deficiency, auto immune disorders and other factors like heredity. If the person has chronic arthritis then all his joints get affected including the TMJ or temporomandibular joint. This causes pain and aching. TMJ treatment in India in these cases is also facilitated with necessary internal medicine through proper referrals.


Stress is the psychological condition but the responses are physical. The hormonal changes cause the automatic states of alertness and the muscles remain stiff always. Continued stiffness of the TMJ muscles causes the accumulation of the stress.

Habit of teeth grinding

Very rarely we find the habit of teeth grinding in individuals. This also creates the accumulation of the physical stress in the TMJ and makes the allied muscles stiff to ultimately develop pain characteristics.

The TMJ disorders that develop immediately –

Accident or crash incident

A sudden accident causing crash at the place of TMJ can cause dislocation, fractures and damages to the connective tissues. This requires the pure orthodontic interventions like the maxillofacial surgery.

Overstretched yawning

Some people may experience TMJ disorder like in the form of ligament stretch or muscle stretch during yawn with mouth wide open. This type of injury is also abrupt; however less complex!

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