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Using Dental Bite For The Treatment Of TMJ

TMJ or Temporomandibular joint disorder is a very common problem of the jaws and it is estimated that high 60% of the patients suffer from this problem, which may or may not manifest as a local pain in the jaw joint. It generally occurs when the joints and muscles on either side of the jaws experience excessive pull or pressure from an imbalanced bite- with use or from birth. Headaches and neck and shoulder pains, which one would never associate with a jaw problem, are actually common effects of this complex joint problem. Dr. Sanjay Arora and his team have been able to provide lasting relief from these problems, and many more to the patients for over fourteen years. These doctors restore the balance in the bite, and thus release the excess pull or pressure on the jaw joint, which helps in relieving the pain. If you too are suffering from this problem and wish to be cured permanently, with a very high success rate, you must considering visit SANORA, TMJ & Body Pain Treatment Center.

Factors That Are Believed To Be the Common Causes of This Problem

The most common reason for the TMJ problems remains

  • Chin Injury particularly during childhood, leading to injury to growth center in TMJ, which leads to a retruded chin, open bite, too much overjet, convex face, and if the injury is unilateral leads to asymmetry of the face.
  • Repeat common colds in infancy and early childhood. One must keep hands of children and things around very clean.
  • Thumb/finger/lip sucking.
  • Irregular teeth.
  • Uneven tooth grinding on one side.

The above mentioned factors primarily lead to uneven grinding, leading to tilting of the jaw and hence pressures of pull and push on the TMJ.

Finding the Cause of Damage and Appropriate Cure for It

Series of tests reveal the exact cause:

  • T-Scan, I often get a complaint that I went to such and such dentist and he ground my teeth according to T-Scan, and my pains didn’t cure/partially responded/worsened. I have explained this here (I have had an adjustment on T-Scan)

Cranio-Sacral Orthotic Appliance

Cranio-Sacral Orthotic appliance is designed to provide complete support to not just the lower jaws, but also to its musculature. With the help of this appliance, the imbalanced jaw is stabilized, thus relieving the pain and making way for the healing process to start.

If you have been experiencing unexplained head, neck or shoulder pains, you must immediately make an appointment with a good doctor, who is compassionate and experienced in the treatment of TMJ.

This appliance is not successful for more than 70% patients. It may work after three months, especially if disc is adhered, but seldom do people wear it for that long. The appliance is not recommended for more than a month by me if one benefits which is normally in a few days to a month. Long term bite changes can occur with long term wearing and one must shift to a more long term cure by adjusting teeth angulation/position and height.

If affordability is an issue for getting stage 2 treatment, one may continue with device knowing fully well that some challenges can be thrown up by the appliance in the form of gaps in existing teeth, disturbed bite etc. Governments are requested to participate in the research and development and training of new doctors to make this otherwise costly treatment to be available at dental schools for a cheaper price.

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