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Using FPO For The Treatment Of TMJ

TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder is a very common problem of the jaws. It generally occurs when the joints and muscles on either side of the jaws experience excessive pressure from an imbalanced bite. Headaches and neck and shoulder pains, which one would never associate with a jaw problem, are actually common effects of this complex joint problem. There are doctors like Dr. Sanjay Arora, who are able to provide complete treatment for this ailment and provide lasting relief from the pain caused by it. These doctors restore the balance in the bite, and thus release the excess pressure on the jaw joint, which helps in relieving the pain. If you too are suffering from this problem and wish to know more about the various treatment options available for TMJ, you can always refer to Atlanta practice.

Factors That Are Believed To Be The Common Causes Of This Problem

The movements of the TMJ or temporomandibular joints move in sync with the movements of the mouth. Therefore, as you open and close your mouth, TMJ joints move along with it. Thus, proper movement of the TMJ relies greatly on proper balance. This basically means that if the upper and lower jaws do not move and meet properly, excessive pressure will be put on the TMJ and other adjacent muscles to compensate for achieving a proper bite. As time passes, if this pressure is not released from the joints, it results in fatigue and inflammations, which in turn causes discomfort and disc misalignment of the TMJ. Some of the common causes of this misalignment include, loss of tooth, crooked teeth, injury to the jaws, habit of teeth grinding and congenital jaw defect.

Finding The Cause Of Damage And Appropriate Cure For It

In spite of the fact that the treatment for TMJ is not a simple process, still there are many sophisticated techniques present, which all the good doctors use to find out the exact cause which is causing the pressure on the joints. Occlusal Bite Analysis is one such technique, which doctors like Dr. Sanjay Arora, use in order to find out the exact extent of the misalignment. This knowledge helps them in devising a proper plan of action for the proper alignment of the same. There is no fixed treatment plan and depending on the condition of an individual patient, the treatment options would vary from orthodontic treatment with Invisalign to re-positing of teeth. In worst cases, full mouth reconstruction may have to be done.

Full Plane Occlusal Appliance

Full plane Occlusal (FPO) appliance is designed to provide complete support to not just the lower jaws, but also to its musculature. With the help of this appliance, the imbalanced jaw is stabilized, thus relieving the pain and making way for the healing process to start. In the night, a mouthguard needs to be worn to avoid teeth grinding and help in keeping the jaws in the right position.

If you have been experiencing unexplained head, neck or shoulder pains, you must immediately make an appointment with a good doctor, who is compassionate and experienced in the treatment of TMJ.

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