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Why Headaches Should Never Be Left Unchecked

Headaches are a common problem. Most of us do not even take them seriously and self medicate ourselves with common pain killers every time they happen. However, it is important to understand that while some of these headaches can be a result of simple stress and treating them with pain killers is fine, in many other cases, the cause of these headaches may have far deeper implications for your health. These headaches can be various types like:

  • Muscular (caused by tensions)
  • Vascular (migraines)
  • Neuropathic (caused by damaged or pinched nerves)

The above three are only primary headache types, there are secondary headaches as well.

Pain In Other Body Parts Causing Headaches

When our headaches, we believe that the cause of the same will be associated with some problem in the head only. But the truth is that it is possible that the cause of the pain in the head may have originated in some other part of the body. Thus, if you are experiencing some sort of pain in your oral and facial regions, or around your neck and shoulders, this pain can sensitize the central nervous system. This generally happens in individuals who are highly susceptible. Eventually, the pain gets aggravated due to the attack on the nervous system and leads to a headache which is vascular in nature. In some cases, the tension on the muscles increases as well, causing pain in the muscles of the neck and head.

Chronic Pain

The pain discussed above should not last for a very long time. But, if the pain does not subside, but goes on to last for many months at a stretch, it can turn into a chronic pain or irritation. The worst part of the pain turning into chronic pain is that, even after the structural damages to the muscles and joints, which were causing the pain in the first place, have been healed, the pain continues to exist as it tends to become an entity of its own. It may surprise many, but this is a very common problem and the only solution for this problem is that the individual suffering from this chronic pain should seek help from a clinician, who has full training and a lot of experience in pain management. This clinician will help in breaking the cycle of the pain and provide long term relief from these headaches.

Secondary Headaches

Secondary headaches are very different primary headaches. Their cause and symptoms are different as well. These headaches are considered to be the worst headaches that a person can experience. These headaches occur suddenly and are new. Some of the causes of these headaches can be the presence of tumors, hemorrhage or some other intracranial problem. These are all very serious problems, and if left untreated, can prove to be fatal. Therefore, if you experience excruciating sudden pains in the head, you need to immediately get in touch with a doctor. CT scan and Cone Bone Computer Tomography are some of the latest technologies that are used for viewing images of head and neck and determining the extent of TMJ disorders. Airway problems like sinus or nasal congestion can also be traced through this technology.

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