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Body Pains Causes

Treating TMJD & Body Pains is simple, finding the right doctor isn’t.

Most of the body pains are left undiscovered and untreated. Let’s see why?

In majority of patients with long standing body pains, it is seen that TMJ or jaw joint causes these pains. Additionally deficiency of nutrients and minerals also contribute to the same. The treatments offered at Zental are non-invasive, non-surgical and non-intervening. At Zental – Body Pain Treatment Centre In Delhi, we are the only ones in Asia who cure body pains through Temporomandibular joint. Our team guided by honorable Dr.Sanjay Arora (TMJ Dentist), CEO at Zental aims at giving not just a beautiful or functional smile but a pain free life.

Phase 1 treatment
consists of either a

  • Cranio-Sacral Appliance to be worn ( Intra-orally or Extra-orally )in the night/ or day- night/ Craniosacral orthotic appliances
  • Laser Therapy- Using beams of light to cure body pains .It’s safe, effective and pain free. This one of the latest modality of treatment offered in the medical field.
  • Ozone Therapy. (No Drilling , No Fillings , No Injections)
  • Botox- Botulinium toxin or Botox is used not just to give you nice facial aesthetics but to relieve TMJ pains and treat depression.
  • TENS – Tens or Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation involves delivering small intensity of currents to the affected areas and stimulate the pain relieving hormones and relax the muscles.
  • With or without Chiropractic’s- Sometimes in severe cases we may / may not need a chiropractors help to treat you.
  • With or without Osteopathy-In certain cases we may / may not need the help of an osteopath to treat any underlying anomalies.

Body Pains Treatment In Delhi, Body Pains Treatment In India, Delhi Pain Management Centre In Delhi# Medical Facts TMJ or Jaw joint, if disturbed from its position leads to malpositioning of head. The head which weighs around 5 .5 kgs when malposition’s itself (Postural Changes that can’t be corrected by oneself). it behaves like a 15-20 Kg organ.

For instance imagine you carrying a weight on head and the same weight in hand with arm stretched away from the body. In the later case the same weight acts heavier and is difficult to control its position. This happens due to disturbance in the balance. Similarly our jaw joint on both the sides is controlling the position of the head any joint abnormality further leads to other related body pains and issues.

Body Pains Treatment In India, Delhi Pain Management Centre In DelhiThis point’s to an underlying disease

Also for instance imagine a folk dancer carrying many pots on her head. She carries it and may perform for an hour. Try shifting these pots, an mm here or there, and her whole body tires down. She won’t be able to continue for long.

So a disturbed head position tires down the body.

How does head become mispositioned?

body Pain cause, Body Pains Treatment In Delhi, Body Pains Treatment In India Many theories tell us about this correlation but which one best and most recent is the one put forward by Dr.Sanjay Arora, called as Dr. Arora’s Infratemporal catastrophe explains the cause that all body pains are more or less related to the jaw joint. However, it’s a common finding that if a person bites down on an ice-cream stick, his muscles around the jaw relax and his head repositions to a relaxed position.

One which we believe in is the one promoted by Dr. Sanjay Arora CEO of Zental, and which states,” There are several nerves, blood vessels in an inch of space under the jaw joint”. The nerve that controls the position of head, (No. 11 or accessory nerve) which balances the body and adjacent structures lies fairly close to the joint. Irritation / Compression of this nerve repositions the head on the shoulder, hence leading to more strained muscles and further transferring pain from the neck to the shoulders and other parts of the body .

T Scan, body Pains Treatment In Delhi, Body Pains Treatment In India, Delhi Pain Management Centre In Delhi The jaw normally moves without any noise / abnormality on the teeth. Whenever there is a grinding of teeth more on one side than the other, then the jaw settles one side first, the same is transferred to the jaw joint. Hence this pain pathway is like a relay race wherein the baton is transferred from one end to another.

This causes a wobble of sorts and disturbs the underlying structures. That is why literature reports innumerable diseases responding to the correction of the way the jaw lands. (Refer above Diagram). The above diagram is an analysis of muscle activity of the muscles of the jaw and vibrations / unusual noises heard in the joint due to any abnormality. The activity of muscles is highly disturbed initially but after the treatment they are more or less balanced on both the sides.

At Zental- Body Pain Cure Centre in Delhi we are proud to present our armamentarium, most advanced in the World. They test

  • Abnormal meeting pattern of teeth- by T-scan.
  • Abnormal noises in the jaw joint, indicative of disc and joint wobble- JVA.
  • Abnormal movement of jaw confirming level of tiredness of your muscles and absence and presence of teeth closure guiding factors. –Jaw Tracker.
  • Abnormal head positioning and spinal alignment by- Isometrics.
  • Abnormal control over posture-Matscan.
  • Abnormal firing by muscles of the jaw and around coordinated on time scale with the T-scan, which indicates teeth meeting at that particular time.-BioEmg.
  • Measures the extent to which the disc and the jaw wobble-Functional MRI.
  • Measures the various jaw angles and skull structures inclination – CBCT.
  • Measures the spine position and the volume of airway-Lateral Cephalogram.
  • Measures in some cases the patency of airway by determining sleep apnea level- Sleep Study.
  • Tests of certain vitamins and nutrient deficiencies.

The above set is a complete armamentarium and tests required to study a patient and is available only at Zental in the country. We are not just technologically the most advanced also the doctors are skilled in the science of Craniosacral Dentistry.

Apart from these tests a MRI of TMJ, fine techniqued by us, is also required in several cases.
Once he determines what’s wrong, he creates a comprehensive diagnosis along with his team of specialists and other experts and then formulates a Treatment plan.

If you are primarily a dental patient, doctor may decide to take you to the stage2 of the treatment straight away. If you are not primarily a dental patient, he may decide to take you through the phase 1, where he will construct a customized device called an Digital Orthotic appliance to be worn in the night time essentially.. This gives rest to the structures around and under the joint. The appliance may give you relief from 6 months or more if not then phase 2 is advisable.

Once you are relieved from Phase 1 wherein you have to wear an Orthotic appliance, Phase 2- which is a long term phase is initiated due to temporariness and long term harmful effects of Phase 1, which is called as a Full Mouth Craniosacral Reconstruction. Herein a new bite is created using T –Scans and JVA and other equipment’s. This brings a fine balance on the joint on both the sides.

It is expected, that the entire therapy should start giving relief in 15-30 days or as some report earlier. While the medical field is very vast and one cannot master all that is possible, we do experience a very high number of patients responding to these therapies .We have successfully treated thousands of patients and taken them close to a pain free tomorrow.

DISCLAIMER # you need a thorough medical checkup before you report to us and be clear that no major disease exists that is terminal in nature. After a clean medical history we take you towards the TMJ treatments and therapies.

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