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Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) causes jaw pain
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Facial Pain’s & TMJD

How TMJ leads to these facial pains?

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Facial pain is the pain felt in any region of the face, including the mouth and eyes. Although it is normally caused by an injury or headache, facial pain may also be caused by serious medical condition. Most causes of facial pain are harmless. However, if you have facial pain that seems to come without any known cause, refer your TMJ dentist for evaluation.

Common causes for facial pain include:

  • Oral infections
  • Ulcers (open sores)
  • Abscess (collection of pus under the surface layer in the mouth, for example)
  • Skin abscess (collection of pus under the skin)
  • Headaches /Migraine/Cluster headache
  • Injury to the face
  • Toothache travelling till the head (aka radiating pain)

Other serious causes for facial pain include:

  • Herpes zoster (viral disorders)
  • Migraine
  • Sinusitis (sinus inflammation)
  • Nerve disorders trigeminal neuralgias

Nature of the pain is cramp-like, stabbing, dull or sharp. Pain from other areas in the body may also radiate or spread across the face, such as pain in the ears or head, temple of the face.

What is TMJD/TMD?

TMJD or Temporomandibular joint disorders are a group of painful conditions.

  • Pain in the jaw joint, muscles of the face, radiating up till the neck, head and the shoulder’s.
  • Stiffness in the muscles of the jaw.
  • Pain the ears.
  • Difficulty in chewing.
  • Restricted movement’s and locked jaws.
  • Change in the fit of the teeth aka the occlusion.
  • Abnormal sounds like clicking, popping, grating sounds.

Causes of TMJD

  • Abnormal grinding of it, altered fit, seen most commonly due to an improper dental treatment.
  • Arthritis of the joint.
  • Stress and many more.

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According to studies millions of people worldwide suffer from facial pains and TMJD.

  • It is seen that Women are more severely affected than men.
  • Also it is more common in Women than in Men.
  • Both the issues are not life threatening but can be detrimental to one’s lifestyle.

Link between TMJD and Facial pains?

At Zental we believe in the most widely accepted and logical theory of recent times, which links most of the chronic body pains to the temporomandibular joint disorders, this is called as Dr. Sanjay Arora’s hypothesis of “Infratemporal catastrophe” caused by displacement of the disc into Infratemporal space and space behind it is the newest and most accepted theory till date. Medical Stalwarts and practioners have proposed innumerable hypothesis but Dr.Sanjay theory seems to be the most widely accepted and logical.

What our theory says?

  • According to this theory, the Trigeminal Nerves or nerve number 5 mandibular divisions is exiting from the base of the skull from “foramen ovale”, just one cm away from medial (inner) most end of mandibular fossa which contains the jaw joint), towards the front end of the inner border.
  • In cases where there is antero-medial/anterior i.e. front towards the front and inside/ front, displacement of condylar disc or disc of the jaw joint, which is 1.5-1.75 inch in size in depth. There is impingement/compression /irritation of the mandibular division of the 5th cranial nerve.
  • Why the disc does not displace laterally (outside), is because of the presence of a strong ligament & design of condyle (ball of the joint) on the lateral side. This resistance to displacement is reduced on the medial (inner) side, because of the presence of a thin capsule
  • The disc hence encroaches into the medial space along with, stretching the capsule along with it

Dr.Sanjay Arora’s hypothesis is the first and one of its kinds. It’s completely logical and most widely accepted.

Myofacial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome

Facial Pain, Facial Pain Treatment, Facial Pain Cure, Facial Pain Treatment in Delhi, TMJD and Facial PainsMyofacial pain syndrome (MPDS) is a syndrome characterized by Myofacial trigger points (trigger points on the face) and facial muscular spasms, or just dull aches, which could be coming from deep within the joints.. Features of a Myofacial pains can include: focal/localisation tenderness, duplication/amplification of pain upon trigger point gentle pressure that is repeat pressures at exactly the same point can trigger the same pains, hardening of the muscle of the face upon trigger point pressure, weakness of some muscles, referred pain, and limited range of motion following approximately 10 seconds of sustained pressure. the pain could be radiating to ear or neck, or may be accompanied by pain or clenching, with very sensitive teeth in the morning, dryness or burning in the mouth, vague indescribable pains. these above mentioned pains over long periods may also be accompanied by other pains in the body, which may be limited to just one side of the body. patient is psychologically disturbed and a patient from low socio-economic and low educational background may be visiting repeatedly to different doctors with a fear of malignancy in the mouth. he may even have throat burning, accompanying jaw clicks, or a deviated closure of mouth also called as Z-wandering of the lower jaw. he/she normally doesn't spell out the word cancer, but on probing reveals his fears. such patient's are dime a dozen in the big government hospitals visiting from low education states. often, dentists/physicians are not trained in understanding that this is TMJ Disease, and such patients ultimately end up being referred to psychiatry. Numerous studies exist which show a high co-morbidity of TMJ Disease in psychiatry patients, and the reverse may be the case. TMJD is a serious and a very common disease and as you will find on further reading it may be responsible for hundreds of other medical diseases, including some dreaded diseases like Multiple Sclerosis. Limited or Limited and painful opening is also a frequent finding.

Pain in any region the face, head, even going up till the neck, back or even shoulders.

Facial Pain Cure, Facial Pain Treatment in Delhi, TMJD and Facial PainsFacial Pain, Facial Pain Treatment, Facial Pain Cure, Facial Pain Treatment in Delhi

How we treat Facial Pains at Zental?

We use many modalities to treat these pains at our center. After a thorough clinical examination and detailed pain and medical history. We do certain tests like

  • JVA
  • T- Scan
  • OPG
  • 3-D X-rays and many more. To know more click here.

How do we cure without CPAP in most cases

  • Engineered Occluding &
  • Epigenetics

Followed by which Dr.Sanjay Arora will classify you as a phase I or phase II patient.

Your treatment is commenced with a Neuromuscular appliance, Epigenetics, Laser, Ozone treatments, if need be more. Click here to know about them.

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