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Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) causes jaw pain
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Other Connected Diseases

TMJD has been associated with several other diseases. Namely

  • Upper respiratory allergies
  • Repeat respiratory infections
  • Sinusitis
  • Dark circles
  • Facial palsy
  • Skin urticaria
  • Increased heart rate in anxiety
  • Gastric imbalance
  • Numbness in fingers
  • Numbness in hand
  • Pain in ears
  • Repeat infection in ears
  • Iritis
  • Repeat kidney infections
  • Parkinsonism
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Bleeding problems associated with mensuration
  • Depression

And several others

While there have been explanation’s that have been forwarded over the years, none has convinced the medical fraternity completely. Recently, some two years ago Dr. Sanjay Arora’s hypothesis of “Infratemporal catastrophe” caused by disc in Infratemporal space and space behind it was published and has been receiving lot of acceptance by dental and medical colleagues. It kind of fills the gap.

Cause of associated diseases- Infratemporal Catastrophe Hypothesis.

Hypothesis behind the jaw joint and Trigeminal Neuralgia- As proposed by Dr. Sanjay Arora, a first in the World.

The trigeminal Nerve ( number 5 nerve exiting from skull ) mandibular division exits from the foramen Ovale( a hole for the number 5 nerve at the base of the skull), which is less than a cm away from medial (inner) most end of mandibular fossa (housing of the jaw joint). In cases of antero-medial/medial ( front and inside) displacement of condylar disc ( jaw joint disc ) which is 1 inch in depth, more so in the former scenario, it is proposed the disc irritates the mandibular division ( one of three divisions of, although still separated from it by a thin capsule. Remember disc is laterally stopped from a strong ligament and design of condyle, while medially the resistance is much lower. The disc almost all of it has capability to transgress into the medial space, probably stretching the capsule along with and that such patients probably have a closer relation to mandibular nerve.

As suggested by preliminary measurements.

Now, either the foramen ovale is comparatively nearer or the mandibular ramus (vertical part of lower jaw) itself, in the form of wider jaw at the point it actually meets the nerve. This is seen in 2 of the TN cases, studied

My Hypothesis (Arora’s Hypothesis) on the TMJD and the Whole Body Connection – First in the World.

Till now I believe there has been a lot of talk on the partial and whole body connection and TMJD but no logical hypothesis has been proposed. Hence I propose the following hypothesis to this effect.

As evident from the above discussion, the space medial to the TMJ and antero-medial and postero-medial (backwards and inwards) holds the key to the whole body connection. The structures within an inch ranging from as close to 5mm are middle meningeal artery

(Fresh blood to brain) and trigeminal nerve antero-medially, the carotid artery (fresh blood supply) medially or slightly posteriorly, the jugular vein (drains dirty blood) foramen with the 1X, X & X1 nerves, 9- glossopharyngeal ( pharynx and tongue), 10-Vagus( the nerve that supplies to heart, intestines and pancreas) and 11-the spinal accessory nerves), the sympathetic trunk, the parasympathetic fibres,C1 and C2 ( neck spinal cord nerve)sand the facial ( number7th nerve) just behind the neck of jaw joint. The IJ vein and hypoglossal little further away.

With so many structures packed under almost an inch of joint space with an inch of these structures and total 5.5 inches average width of face, this is too much packing with fibers of lateral pterygoid ( a muscle) (most likely dystonic(uncontrolled movement) by now) also thrown in. Any wobble of the condyle, disc dislocation medially/ antero-medially or of the lateral pterygoid has the potential to irritate these structures. Irritation of the accessory nerve running too close to the joint space would cause head malpositioning, leading to array of body pains, due to metacentrically placed head (COG away from the center)

Allergic Diseases onset

Malpositioned head leads to malpositioned trachea leading to massive turbulence in the air passage as a kink develops in trachea, this can cause 4-16 times turbulence if you look at Poiseuille's Law. Poiseuille proved that if you narrow the diameter by 1 unit then the fluid passage through the tube increases by 4 times in pressure changing the flow characteristics’ from laminar to turbulent. A kink would do that 8 to 16 times. Lung parenchyma capable of dissolving gases in its fluids should cause mild inflammation due to this with higher mucus generation and that’s why inability to clear the throat. This also causes allergens to dissolve into these fluids which throw them into blood stream, triggering an immune response causing allergenic responses. A similar effect will happen on esophagus.

Head load would similarly effect visceral organs and probably

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Head and neck seen from behind in a deskinned and demuscled model. Shows the close relation Trigeminal Nerve (Number 5 nerve from skull to glenoid fossa, or the jaw joint hosing.

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Skull Bottom, (below model-on CT Scan X-ray), showing proximity of opening of nerves and blood vessels to and from the brain, to the housing of the joint.

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