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What is TMJD/TMD

BioJva below- TMJ health and disc displacement direction determinant.

TMJD /TMD, TMJ Specialist, TMJ Specialist In Delhi, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders TMJ is the topic that doctors feel is a more of dentist’s concern and dentist’s think that TMJ is not that important, as most of the pains related to it get corrected on its own. The dentist’s feels that clicking sound heard while opening and closing of jaw is not harmful to the patient. Tmj treatments, mostly goes neglected or undelivered as mostly the treating doctor doesn’t know what he is doing. Just a few cured cases, and one starts claiming himself to be a Tmj dentist or a neuromuscular dentist.

TMJD/TMD Treatment In Delhi, India The result of this ignorance make the patients suffer in two ways. One is TMJD (tmj joint disorder), local pains these people have a haywire life and other is the chronic body pains and depression. All this is linked to TMJD which could never be imagined by them. Treating TMJ therefore is very important. As important is TMJ pain treatment, or jaw joint pain treatment.

BioJva –Device that determines TMJ health and the direction of disc displacement.

TMJD – Should be solved as aBioengineering Problem

What is Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)?

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)/ jaw joint is situated in front of the middle ear. It’s also known as lower jaw joint. It’s just a similar joint as that present for door opening and closing with simultaneously two hinges on each side and this makes it more complex. In a dentate patient the lower jaw will seat on the teeth of upper jaw, it’s a precise position which carries a good amount of force for chewing. Many of the forces act in an angulated direction, which are more damaging.This is the basic problem with the front (anterior) teeth which are more angulated. In the patients who don’t have teeth, this is of no concern.

When the angular forces are disturbed due to some other factors, it disturbs the joint seating. This situation can be compared to a thin wedge or straw present in your shoe that can disturb your walk. When the walk of the jaw joint is disturbed, the ball shaped bone (condyle) exerts uncontrolled forces to the socket (Glenoid fossa). In between these two bones lies a cartilaginous, cushion like structure called as articulating disc. When this happens the disc can move in either inward or forward direction. When the disc moves in inward direction pain is not there as pain receptors are not present in there, but it impinges the nerves that lie just beneath it and leads to body pains. When the disc moves in forward direction it impairs the proper mouth opening and leads to pain around the ear and face. This is called as MPDS- Myofacial pain dysfunction syndrome.

The disc can move either in both the directions and lead to chronic body pains and other medical diseases, which are explained in detail in Dr. Sanjay Arora’s hypothesis for whole body disease and TMJD as “Infratemporal Catastrophe theory”.

Dentists don’t always recognize the medial or inward disc displacement as a TMJD, as there is no local disease or problem.

The Neuro-Muscular dentistry, deals with optimal functioning of muscles and nerves around the TMJ and properly seated / functioning joint ensures this.

The Cranio-Sacral dentistry deals with finer correction, which consists of correction of Cranio-sacral axis and hence lowers the chronic body pains and other medical illnesses. This part of dentistry corrects both the medial and forward disc displacement which leads to TMJDs.

TMJ TREATMENT (Tmj treatments or treating TMJ or TMJ disorder)

There are two schools of thought, and each one has critics against the others. One believes in giving an orthotic/TMJ repositioner firstly and then correcting the bite permanently. The other believes in directly correcting the bite permanently. But no proper guidelines are there for the treatment. Training is must for the dentist, so to avoid misconceptions regarding treatment and the cure. Author has tried to simplify terminology here for better understanding of general public.

The treatment carried for a patient whether temporary by an orthotic or permanently by crowning treats wells, but orthotic would definitely carry a lower success rate than a long term correction, as the long term one is more towards natural hardness of teeth.

We at our centers believe that if concepts are cleared to the patient than carrying out long term treatment is always better. Our testimonials are self-sufficient showing the best results.

The patient consent is always taken prior to the treatment and is given the choice of selecting the treatment by them. The treatment is not difficult, but is simple. Long working hours are given to the patient for minor corrections in the bite, using the world’s best technology first time in India for almost a decade. Few of the tools used are mentioned below.


In the upcoming years, as more of the doctors are getting to know the importance of the TMJ prevention will gain more importance than cure. Currently TMJ treatments and tmj pain treatment and therefore treating tmj is very important.

Major points to take care for prevention are:

  • Select a doctor who has proper knowledge regarding TMJ. He would be checking the discrepancy in your bite with the advanced tools such as Bio JVA, Bio EMG, JVA, etc. All the minor procedures are even carried out with these devices very carefully such as a simple filling.
  • The Orthodontic treatment carried incorrectly can lead to problems such as TMJ disorders in future. This study is not given in the colleges as it’s a neglected part of dentistry.
  • Thumb sucking should be avoided in children as it leads to open bite and causes changes in the TMJ.
  • The children should never be left alone and should be encouraged to play with kin, as loneliness increases the habit of thumb sucking which a major factor is leading to open bite.
  • Mother's feeding for at least 2 years gives a lot of gratification to the infant and prevents the sucking habit.

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