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Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) causes jaw pain
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Our bodies work as a complex of muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. When all of these work together they function as a unit to bring about movements, postural changes. When the muscles of the neck become strained or overworked they depend on the nearby muscles to help them, the term for this is called muscle recruitment. Strained neck, back and shoulder can lead to immense pain and affect the posture.

Your head needs to be in the center for your spine to be straight.

The brain weights around 15 pounds and rests on the top of the spinal column .Muscles of the neck, shoulder and back muscles, ligaments and connective tissue. If even one of these elements is shortened or stressed your head can become unbalanced and cause pain.

Muscle imbalance can make your head off centered, disturbing the balance and affecting the spine.

The muscles involved in biting, chewing, talking, alignment of the head and breathing are the ones attached to our jaws and jaw joints .If these muscles are strained (shortened or sore) due to a bad bite and misaligned teeth. Some muscles are overused and these stressed muscles can affect the jaw joint, muscles of the back and the neck and hence lead to pains in these regions.

As the head, neck and spine become more off-balance, postural distortion can develop. With postural distortion the shoulders and hips begin to tip causing more pain and discomfort as more muscles, ligaments and connective tissue become involved.

How do i gain my confidence and balance back?

It’s like a ripple effect.

A disturbed bite ---> pain in the muscles of the jaws ---> pain in the jaw joint ---> pain is transferred to the adjacent supporting structures ---> pain the neck ---> shoulders ---> spine ---> muscles of the spine leading to back pain.

Timely Treatment

If timely treatment is given for such kind of imbalances in the body then its best so that it can be corrected .

At Zental - relief from body pains your TMJ dentist will determine the imbalance and pain/soreness in your joint through highly sophisticated tests like T-Scan, Jaw Tracker, Bio - EMG and much more .

We are the only unique center in Asia and we believe in treating all possible pains.

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